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Features of the Best VoIP – The Innovation in Voice Communication Technology

Are you fond of communicating via telephone? The first medium of calling a person stationed in a far away location was through landline phones.

When it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, people at the time were filled with amazement. Then, we had pagers. The mobile (cellular) phones became a fad, which to date still is. And intelligent communication engineers now came up with a more sophisticated communication medium – the best. Voip is more wonderful! But how to find the best Voip service?

To an ordinary person, this sounds Greek! So the concept needs to be understood to be appreciated. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a kind of voice transmission where the voice signal is delivered through IP networks. The IP networks we have today are the internet and packet-switched networks. You might encounter the terms telephony or voice over broadband (VoBB), they are just the same as VoIP. So let us stick to the original term – VoIP.

Understanding the function of the VoIP

This is an innovation in communication technology where a telephone call is made and the voice signal transmitted through a broadband internet connection, instead of the traditional underground analog landline. Different providers allow you to avail of different services. For instance, you are allowed only to call persons having the same provider. Others will allow you to call any other person who has a telephone number. So with this latter option, you can also make local, national and international calls via landline or cellular phones. There are still some providers that allow, through an adapter, voice transmission over the internet. VoIP indeed has done many wonders again to make the modern life more fast-paced.

As we have transformed every electronic device from the analog to the digital, this was also introduced to the communication arena. When you use the VoIP, your voice is digitalized through the data packets before they are sent and eventually reconverted again to the voice destination. Thus you can make conversation via the internet. The digitalized method is easier to control than the analog and as such, the voice transmission is quieter – they are tolerant of noise and other unrelated sound.

Compare PSTN with VoIP

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the old communication network we were using. It was then analog in form but the system was also innovated and is now digitalized. In PSTN, you pay for the time you use – which means that the longer conversation you have over the phone, the higher is the pay charge. Then with this communication, you are allowed to speak to only one person at a time. This is traditional telephone (landline or cellular) that we had and we still use today as an alternative or in conjunction with VoIP.

The VoIP on the other hand allows unlimited time to talk and you can have conference conversation (talk with many people at a give time). Since the conversation is made through the internet, your charge will depend on your broadband package. This facility was the main reason why a lot of people contract unlimited internet usage.