Landline Phone Information

You Have A Mobile Phone: Reasons Why You Need To Retain a Landline Phone Number

Do you believe that the era of landline phones is over? Have they been replaced by cellular phones? With cellular technology, almost every person, regardless of age, has his cellular phone. It has become a fad that no one can resist. But, based on statistics despite the cellular phone craze, the landline phone number is still patronized. There could be some good reasons why you still need to have a landline phone number.

I would disagree that use and demand for landline phones have exited this modern world; that these have been abandoned in favor of the cellular phones. Many studies have been conducted on the issue of oust of landline phones and it was proven that the decline in the number of users is not significant. This means that despite having cellular phones, consumers still retain their landline phone number.

A landline phone number is still basic communication medium in homes and offices. Landlines are still very reliable – no signal interruptions and infrequent garbled voice transmission. To be competitive, application for installation of land line phones has become very easy. After approval, your line is installed and the phone company assigns a landline phone number.

But what is a landline number? This is the number assigned to you when you have a land line installed. To install a landline, you will be given by the company wires that will connect your voice transmission to a console. Your voice will be converted into electric signals and the receiving end will be able to hear you. Thus your conversation can start.

Advantages of retaining a landline phone number

  1. Reliability of a landline phone number – Instances of problematic transmissions are less than when you use a cellular phone. This lies on the fact that fixed cables transfer calls better than through radio waves. Fixed cables are to landline phones as radio waves are to cellular phones.
  2. Stability of connection – With a landline phone number, you transmit and receive clearer calls contrary to the cellular’s garbled calls due to poor signal. With a landline phone number, it is very seldom that you encounter static conversations. The voice transmission is crystal clear.
  3. Security of conversation – You are assured of security of conversation because it is harder to intercept through cables than radio waves.
  4. Lower cost – Landline phone number is cheaper than the cellular one as far as talk time is concerned.

Although there are many advantages, a landline phone number is not spared of any fault. The major disadvantage is mobility. Unlike the cellular phones, you cannot bring your landline anywhere. This disadvantage however has been resolved lately. The landlines had innovated and introduced the mobile or wireless landline number – with all the efficiency of a wired landline and cellular phones. The new VoIP technology was introduced to the landline phone and hence, mobility is no longer a problem.

Landline phone number is still being used for the advantages it has over the cellular phones. And landline service providers never cease with their research to match whatever features come up with the cellular mobile phones.