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Landline Telephones Will Always Be Permanent Fixtures In Homes And Businesses

The world is changing – the metamorphosis of the communication industry has undergone immeasurable steps. Letter writing was replaced by text messaging and electronic mails (emails). Voice communication from the landline telephones evolved into the cellular phones and now the VoIP phones. With the continuing changes in technology, a great pressure is applied on the industry of landline telephones. Will this line of communication be ultimately phased out or not?

Traditionally, landline phones were the most common version of voice communication. This allows one person to connect with another, regardless of the distance between them. With the advent of cellular phones, the utility of the landline phones seems to diminish. Then the internet contributed to the downward trend in its applicability. This seems to be the major consensus – but are the people giving this negative feedback on landline phones right?

Landline phones had continued its patronage despite the many innovations in different voice communications. Many homes and businesses never dropped their landline telephone in favor of the cellular. The landline telephone continued to be a permanent fixture at home and in the office. Cellular phones are just addition to their communication need. Surveys had been made and the result indicated no sign of landline telephones phase-out.
Reasons why landline telephones are not given-up

For those who just need basic means to voice communicate, the landline telephone is the most practical.  Cost of maintenance of the service is minimal compared to the fees charged by a cellular telephone. Monthly fees are lower and the per-minute call is similarly lower. Furthermore, the cost of long distance calls via the landline telephone is cheaper than with the cellular phones.

 Another factor is the reliability of telephone lines. Power failures do not affect its utility since the calls are made through cable lines. Signal is never a problem thus; there is crystal clear clarity of voice conversation. Signals of cellular phones in differing areas are also variable hence, transmission of voice calls are affected.

One very important feature of the landline telephone that is very useful to housewives is the embodiment of an emergency call. With landline telephones, calling the 911 emergency line is always feasible.

The landline telephone does not give you the hassle of charging the phone’s battery. Even without power, you can always be sure that the telephone line will be functional.

For businesses, landline telephones cannot be eliminated. For one, landline telephone companies have provision of telephone directories. Directory advertisements are essential in marketing the products of several businesses. This is also practical for home use. A glimpse in the directory can give you the telephone number of a person you want to call (but unfortunately you do not have the number). Although many remain unlisted, still there is a great chance (than none) to spot the phone number.

Although it is true that landline telephones do not allow the flexibility of cellular phones, the benefits to some people of having this line of communication are still vital. And the final assessment is: landline telephones are here to stay!